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The RGPV, School of Nanotechnology was established in 2007, the School of Nanotechnology is currently running M.Tech (Nanotechnology) and Ph D program in addition to cutting edge research and development in areas of high relevance to the country which includes Nano-materials, functional materials and thin films. The Post Graduate course offered is aim to generate skilled and motivated manpower in different areas of Nanotechnology related Research & Industry.

Range of research opportunities facing the School of Nanotechnology, RGPV and its collaborative partners is truly unlimited. Researchers from the School of Nanotechnology and its partners have already started the process of producing patent applications for breakthroughs in Carbon Nanoelectronics (Graphene synthesis), Sensor Nanotechnology (Nanowire gas sensors), Surface functionalization Nanotechnology (Hydrophobic metallic surfaces), and solar energy (Polymer nanoparticle hybrid solar cells). Some of the areas in which School of Nanotechnology, RGPV is strategically focusing its future research are Nanoelectronics, Nanofluidics, Energy conversion and storage, water and air purification technology, Bio-nanotechnology and therapeutic devices.


Syllabus with COs and POs

Current Research Interest

  • Graphene and Carbon Nanotechnology
  • Nanoelectrocrystalization.
  • Nanostructured powder and surfaces
  • Sensor Nanotechnology
  • Magnetic and spintronic nanomaterials
  • Functional nanomaterials and Self Assembly
  • Environmental & Solar Nanotechnology
  • Micro & Nano-fluidics and Lab-on-chip Nanotechnology
  • Therapeutic Nanodevices
  • MEMS/NEMS Nanoelectronics
  • Nanomaterials Simulation
Course Offered

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