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In collaboration with ISRO, RGPV had initiated the telecast of curriculum relevant lessons to about 80 professional institutions in MP in 2003. However, due to limitations in the application software, ISRO terminated the initial experiment and has recently decided to upgrade its applications and infrastructure. In consequence, many affiliated institutions and their students will start benefiting from the telecasts in about three months.


In fact this experiment is anticipated to accomplish the following:

- In a virtual classroom to learn from preeminent faculty.

- Engage you in a dynamic learning environment that addresses societal and industry issues.

- Guide you through critical knowledge about engineering, science, social science, and management fields.

- Involve you in the forefront of emerging technologies, theories, and practices, and Connect you to a community of people committed to advancing new knowledge and leading change in the world.

As part of the original agreement, the RGPV is carrying the responsibility of recording live lessons in various subjects of BE and MCA courses, and telecasting them through ISRO network. This responsibility is fulfilling very soon with the help of experienced and competent teachers from various institutions and the infrastructure (studio and recording and telecasting facility) housed at the university initially and later having teaching ends at least in two noble centers. Normally, the lessons or software are recorded well in advance of the actual telecast and have to provide student learning in the networked institution for 2-4 hours each day in the initial period of the project. In addition to these lectures the university is purchasing video lectures/contents prepared by institutions like IITs, IIMs and others. The expense on this is by the RGPV.

This innovative initiative is benefit-

- More than 1.2 lacs of BE and Diploma in Engg. Students and about 3000 MCA students.

- 7500 Teacher from 85 Engineering Colleges, 50 Polytechnics, and 30 MCA institutions.


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