Name: Mr. Sanjeev Sharma
Subject: Information Technology
Supervisor: Dr. R.C. Jain, SATI,Vidish & Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria ,MITS,Gwalior
Research Topic: "Design and Evalution of bandwidth Efficient Congestion Adaptive  Secured  Routing Protocal for Mobile adhoc Network".

Name: Mr. Aseem Chandra
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor Prof. V. K. Sethi,Prof. Mukesh Pandey RGPV ,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Biodiese / Straight Vagetable Oil Fuel on Engine  Performance Parameters with Prolonged Service." 

Name: Mr. Saleem Akhtar
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. S S Bhadauria, UIT ,RGPV, & Dr. K K Pathak ,AMPRI,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Design of Cable Layout of Prestressed Concrete Structures".

Name: Mrs. Suman Ramteke Mandepe
Subject: Pharmacy
Supervisor: Prof. N.K Jain,Dr. H.S. Gour,UNI,Sagar & Dr.S. Bhattacharya,SGRRITS,Deharadoon
Research Topic: "Targeted triple drug theorpy for the Treatment of Helicobactor Pylori"

Name: Mr. Sanjay Agrawal
Subject: Computer Application
Supervisor: Dr. M. Kumar ,MANIT,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Use Of Information Technology inKnowledge Management forTechnical Education in India".

Name: Mrs. Mridula Shrivastava
Subject: Electrical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. L.D. Arya,SGSITS,Indore & Dr. S.C. Choubey,RGPV
Research Topic: "Protection Against Voltage Insatability and Remedial Actions"

Name: Mrs. Namita Sisodia
Subject: Applied Physics
Supervisor: Dr.(Mrs.) Pratima Sen DAVV,Indore
Research Topic: "Theoritical Aspects of the Optical Properties of Doped AB03 Type Crystals"

Name: Mr. Ghanshyam Vishnu Kulkarni
Subject: Artchitecture
Supervisor: Dr. Alka Bharat, MANIT,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Cosmic Geometries In Town Planning In Ancient India :A Case Study of Vijay  Nagar".

Name: Mr. Brajkishor Prasad
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. U.B. Choubey,Dr. Uttamasha Gupta,SGSITS ,Indore
Research Topic: "Behavior Of  Latex  Modified Concrete Under Cyclic Loading".

Name: Mr. Ajay Madhukar Naik
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr.. Navin Chand ,AMPRI, Bhopal & DR. H .K. khaira ,MANIT, Bhopal
Research Topic: "Tribological Studies on Some Filled and Reinforced Plymers".

Name: Mr. Geetam Singh
Subject: Electronics Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. P.K.Singhal,MITS Gwalior
Research Topic: "Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Bootlace Lens for Multiple Bean Forming".

Name: Mr. Asif Ullah Khan
Subject: Computer  Science and Engineering.
Supervisor: Dr. T.K. Bandopadhay,BITS,Bhopal & Dr. Sudhir Sharma ,RGPV ,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Classification and Identification of Stocks Using SOM and Genetic Based Back  Propagation Neural Network".

Name: Mrs. Nisha Agrawal
Subject: Applied Mathematics
Supervisor: Dr. R.C. Jain ,Director SATI,Vidisha
Research Topic: "Development of a Decision Support System For Ranking a Given Set Of Alternatives using Fuzzy Decision Framework".

Name: Mr. Rajeev Kansal
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. M.C. Gupta ,Gwalior
Research Topic: "Identification of Critical Success Factor (CSFs) For Implementing BOT Projects".  

Name: Mr. Rajendra R. Joshi
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. U.B. Choubey ,SGSITS,Indore & Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khare ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Analysis of water Tanks With  Rib and Stringer Stiffener by Stiffened Shell Element".

Name: Mr. Priya Ranjan Swarup
Subject: Civil Enginnering
Supervisor: Dr. J.S. Chouhan,SATI,Vidisha & Dr.R.N. Munshi,CIDC,New Delhi
Research Topic: "Grading of Construction Agencies"

Name: Mr. Ravi Kant Choubey
Subject: Applied  Physics
Supervisor: Dr.(Mrs.) Pratima Sen ,DAVV ,Indore & Dr. K. S.  Barwal ,RRCAT ,Indore
Research Topic: "Synthesis, Characterization and Nonlinear Optical Behavior of Some Doped AB03 Crsytals".

Name: Ms. Shilpa Shinde
Subject: Applied Mathematics
Supervisor: Dr. Ashok Ganguly ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "A Mathematical  Study of Cylindrical Shock Waves Though Gases in Rotation, Gravitating and other Similar Atmospheres".

Name: Mr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof .K.C. Arora ,SRCEM  Bammore & Prof. V. P. Agrawal ,BITS ,Pilani ,Goa
Research Topic: "Model Development Using Integrated Approch For Quality Assurance in Engineering Education".

Name: Mrs. Seema Chouhan
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. R. K . Shrivastava,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Development  of Optimal Stategies For a Multi- Reservoir System".

Name: Mr. Yogendra Kumar Jain
Subject: Electronics& commu.
Supervisor: Dr. Sanjay Jain ,SATI ,Vidisha
Research Topic: "Performance Evalution of wavelet Based Compression Techniques on Still Image Data".

Name: Mrs. Aruna Tiwari
Subject: Computer Science & Engg.
Supervisor: Dr. Narendra  S. Chaudhari (CSE) ,IIT,Indore
Research Topic: "investigation in Neural Netowrk Learning Algorithms".

Name: Mr. Maheshwar Maharana
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. S. M. Humad ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Study Of Swell -Shrink Behaviour of Black Coton Soil with Lime Stabilized Cushion".

Name: Mr. Sunil Kumar Sugandhi
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. A. K. Saxena,SATI ,Vidisha
Research Topic: "Design  Methodology of Salt Gradient Solar Pond:An Environmentally Consistent  System".

Name: Mr. Prabhulal Verma
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. N.H.  SIlakari & Dr. K.C. Jain SATI vidisha
Research Topic: "Effect  of Six  Sigma Quality  Strategy on Productivity  Performance in Manufacturing  Industries"

Name: Mr. Sanjay Kumar Panthi
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. N. Ramakrishnan ,ISL ,Banglore  & Dr. J.S. Chouhan ,SATI ,Vidisha
Research Topic: "Analysis  Of Sheet Metal Forming  Processes Using Finite Element  Method"

Name: Mr. Alok Sharma
Subject: Architecture
Supervisor: Dr. S.S. Bhadauria ,RGPV,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Socio Environmental Impact Assessment of River Corridors Within Uraban Areas- Study of swarnarekha River Gwalior" 

Name: Mr. Atul Kumar Sthapak
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. D.J. Killedar,SGSITS, Indore
Research Topic: "Recovery of Alum Coagulant from sludge and its Reuse in Wastewater Treatment Plants".

Name: Mr. Saral Kumar Gupta
Subject: Applied Physics
Supervisor: Prof. P.K. Sen ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Transient Nonlinear Optical Effects in Semi  onductor Quatum Structures"

Mr. Prashant Baredar
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. V .K. Sthui ,Director ,UIT-RGPV & Prof. Mukesh ,RGPV ,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Power Productivity  Enhacement and Optimization using Hybrid System of Solar Wind  & Biomass".

Name: Mr. Tushar Nahata
Subject: Pharmacy
Supervisor: Dr. T.R. Sainio ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Design  and Development of Long Acting  Controlled Release Parenteral Drug Delivery System  of Antipsychotic Drugs".

Name: Mr. Rajkumar Shridhar Thore
Subject: Electronic & Telecommunication
Supervisor: Dr. P.D. Vyavahare ,SGSITS,Indore
Research Topic: "Some  Investigation on ATM Congestion Control Mechanism"

Name: Mr. Vishnu Prasad
Subject: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. P.K. Krishnamachar ,Manit & Dr. Sayann ,Former Director ,MANIT,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Study on Hydrodynamic Design Of Axial Flow  Hydraulic Trubine using CFD Approach"

Name: Mr. Rajnikant Jain
Subject: Chamical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. J .K. Shrivastava,UEC, Ujjain & Dr. R. K . Dava ,Jabalpur
Research Topic: "Modeling and Predicting Performance of Ozonatio Process of Oxidation of Industrial
Effluents using Artificial Neural Network".

Name: Mrs. Rekha Jain
Subject: Achitecture
Supervisor: Pro. Y . P. SIng ,MITS , Gwalior & Dr. S.R. Nigam ,Bhopal
Research Topic: "Study and Analysis of Thermal Behavor of Houses in Mass Housing  Schemes".

Name: Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. S.G. Sharma ,UEC,Ujjain & Dr. J .K. Shrivastava ,UEC, Ujjain
Research Topic: "Some Studies on Design Of Heat Exchangers for Ultra HIgh Temperature MilkTreatMent".

Name: Mr. Karthikeya Tripathi
Subject: Mechanical  Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. M.D. Agrwal ,SGSITS ,Indore
Research Topic: "Engagement Dynamics and Engagement Quality Assessment of Automotive  Manual Clutch
Using an Indigenous Mechatronic System".

Name: Mr. Y. Rama Murthy
Subject: Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. J. K. Shrivastava ,Uec, Ujjain
Research Topic: "Studies on CFD Based Hydrocyclone Analysis for Fly Ash Separation".

Name: Mr. Jagjit Singh Yadav
Subject: Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. J.K. Shrivastava,UEC,Ujjain
Research Topic: "Studies on Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater".

Name: Mrs. Sarita Sharma
Subject: Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. J. K. Shrivastava ,UEC ,Ujjian
Research Topic: "Studies on Wet Scrubbing of Particulate Laden Sulfur Dioxide Pollution".

Name: Mr Dushyant Singh
Subject: Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor: Dr. D.P. Manadal ,AMPRI,Bhopal & Dr. V. K. Sethi ,UIT-RGPV.
Research Topic: "Effect of Heat Treatment Cycle and Penning  Intensities on wear Behavior of Boron Steel".

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